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Use this drop-in LED Replacement Bulb to convert most 1 and 2-cell flashlights that use a 222 or 112 bulb into an LED flashlight. Battery life is 10 times longer and bulb life is 2,000 times longer with the L-222™ compared to a standard 222 bulb, saving you time, aggravation, and money!

  • Save Money: Go 10 times longer between battery changes
  • Never change bulbs again!sm: Lasts more than 2,000 times longer than standard bulbs with a 10,000+ hour rated life
  • Impact Resistant: No fragile filament or glass bulb to break
  • Simple Installation: Just install the new bulb without disassembling the light or voiding the warranty
  • Protect the Environment: Creates less solid waste by using fewer batteries and bulbs
  • Replaces: 222, K222, TEKNA® Micro-Lite™*, TEKNA® Splash-Lite™*, TEKNA® Lite 2™*, TEKNA® Mono-Lith™* and TEKNA® Micro-Lith™**. Suitable for most pen light applications.


* Use the L-222™ only if your original bulb has a screw base
** Only for use with versions that used a special battery thinner and longer than a AA battery

See the difference - Try one today LED Replacement Bulbs Data Sheet

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P/N L-222
NSN 6240-01-522-4096

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