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The TEKNA® Security Card is a small, credit card size knife that easily fits in your pocket, a wallet, or a purse. The extra-wide 425 stainless steel blade slides in and out using a low profile button and is 5 1/2" (14 cm) long when fully extended. Made in the U.S.A. (complies with the "Buy American Act", may contain imported components). 1 year warranty.

Single, or Double (Wicked) edge.





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Retractable knife

- 05/01/2021

Other than being plastic and rather cheaply made, overall I like the knife.Double edged and very sharp

Blade does not lock open

- 12/10/2020

Blade lock does not keep the Blade locked open

We have to get back to 1985

- 08/16/2020

Had this knife back in the 80s and loved it!!! Lost to time and for whatever reason thought about it the other day. So, I thought I would look it up and there it was. Really cool fat little blade tucked in a slim case. Came in a little Tekna knife holder storage "briefcase" kinda cheesy but it did put a smile on my face. It's just as cool now as I thought it was then. Glad it's still available!


- 11/21/2019

Tekna is a good, solid knife

There when you need it.

- 08/15/2018

Great little knife. Wanted one for years got one, lost it and then saw it was available again so I got 2. One of my favorite old shows, SOF Inc. used one and having one bring back memories. Shape out of the case, a nice touch, the knife comes with a padded case. Only used mine to open a bag of soup so far but I know I will do more with it. Worth, to me anyways, more than I paid for it. Very covert. In fact I went to a family court trial with it. I keep mine in my wallet and since my wallet didn't got through the metal detector I was more than likely the most armed civilian in the whole court house. Had I been thinking I would not have brought it but just goes to show how this little blade can slip in under the radar. I am very happy with my knife and plan to order more to outfit friends and family.

Heavy and hard to hold

- 11/12/2015

Heavy and hard to hold.Would not like to push too hard on handle since no 'purchase' (grip).The concept of a 'billfold knife' doesn't hold up.This is to throw in a car kit, maybe.

Really great product. Made a gift of it to a ...

- 11/03/2015

Really great product. Made a gift of it to a friend who rides the subway at night. Now I can't find another. Tremendous value for an excellent self defense item.Far better than the ones offered elsewhere.

easily accessible knife to carry in a back pocket

- 06/11/2015

I wanted a flat, easily accessible knife to carry in a back pocket; it would have replaced a very basic, slim folding knife I have carried for years: slim as it is, the TEKNA is slimmer - and the blade is quite excellent.Two design flaws have relegated my TEKNA to a catch-all drawer: (1) bits of the everyday grit that finds its way into my jeans pockets also find its way into the the knife's slender housing resulting in a grinding sound whenever I slide the blade out of its sheath (no amount of dry lubricant changes that) and (2), the locking mechanism that is necessary to hold the knife in its open (operating) position is entirely unreliable. It was this latter drawback that again has me carrying my cheap - but reliable - West Marine stainless & plastic folding rigging knife (I removed its superfluous belt clip to make it slimmer still)

If you grew up in the eighties you probably want one.

- 05/30/2015

As a kid that grew up in the eighties I wanted one of these knives, Its everything I imagined it to be.Now do keep in mind that this is purely a weapon, this knife is double edged and made to slash other human-beings,regardless of what the manufacturer may claim.Its VERY sharp, compact, and very fast. It is easy to accidentally cut yourself on a knife like this and with a little extra honing you have a double sided straight razor...treat the knife accordingly.

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