When you need more power nothing compares to the output of our canister LED & hand-held Dive Lights.  Serious scuba divers will also appreciate the increased beam throw and improved color rendition from the solar-quality light of these cutting-edge lights. Be sure to see our smaller Scuba-Diving rated lights under LED Flashlights, Flashlights and Lanterns, and Marker Lights.

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DISCONTINUED - We have discontinued the Strobe 300. Please see its upgraded replacement the Strobe 3500 . Our Strobe 300™ Xenon strobe has 150% of the brightness and nearly twice the burn time of competing strobes. Military tough.

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DISCONTINUED - Please see its upgraded replacement Strobe 3500 XL Expedition.

Computer machined from a solid bar of Aluminum, Our Strobe 300™ XL Xenon strobe is designed for the rigors of commercial and scientific diving use.

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The Chemical Lightstick Alternative®. The LED version of our popular MARK-LITE® . Operates for over 100 hours per battery.

Price: $24.95
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The Chemical Lightstick Alternative®

The Original battery-operated submersible marker light - don't be fooled by imitators!

Price: $11.95
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Strobe 3500 XL Expedition


NEW Multifunction Strobe - Flashing or Steady! The most rugged strobe in the world! An aluminum-body, multifunction, 10-Watt LED strobe.

Price: $225.00
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Mark-Lite - Mark III Glow Cone

Replacement glow cone for Mark-Lite® and Mark III™ series marker lights (excludes Mark Lite® Strobe and Mark III™ Strobe). Available in a number of colors.

Price: $5.95
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The perfect flashlight for emergencies and disaster preparedness. The TEKNA® Lite 3™ produces more than 20 hours of light from 3 AA Alkaline batteries.

Price: $49.95
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Moray DCT

The Moray Diver's Communication Torch (DCT) is a bright Tektite-powered dive light paired with Moray Dive Gear's patented noisemaker technology!

Price: $129.95
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H10 Seeker LED

Now Improved!

The H10 Seeker LED is now brighter and smaller. This extremely powerful 1,000+ Lumen LED searchlight is designed for serious scuba divers. Features a focusable head, super compact Lithium Ion rechargeable battery, smart charger and unmatched reliability.

Price: $1,065.00
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Goodman Handle

Our Goodman handle allows hands-free use of the H10 or L12 Seeker models

Price: $65.00
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Tektite Strobe Service

Tektite Strobe Service.

Repair your TEKTITE strobe.

Price: $29.00
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Tektite Strobe Upgrade Service

Tektite Strobe Upgrade Service.

Upgrade your TEKTITE strobe to the latest LED version!

Price: $49.95
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