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Our new LS407™, high-intensity High-Power LED conversion bulb for 4-cell (6.0 V) flashlights, offers an easy way to convert flashlights with screw-base bulbs into extra high-intensity LED flashlights.

Price: $29.95
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TREK 400

The Trek™ 400 is a very popular dive light that's comfortable to use and carry.

Price: $37.95
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TREK 300

The Trek™ 300 is a superior lighting choice with a focusable beam and performance better than many 4-cell flashlights and lanterns.

Price: $32.95
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TREK 200

An all-around 2 C-cell light. Take one camping, boating, fishing or diving; anywhere a rugged, waterproof light would come in handy.

Price: $29.95
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The Micralite™ is rugged alternative to throwaway lights.

Price: $12.95
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Metal Examination Penlight


Typically used in clinical examination applications, our Metal Examination Penlight is just what you need. A U.S. government standard item.

Price: $3.95
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STROBE 200 LED Module

Replacement/upgrade LED strobe module for the Strobe 200™, ELZ™ Strobe, and Traffic Safety Strobe.

Price: $60.00
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STROBE 300 Module

DISCONTINUED - Please see its upgraded replacement Strobe 3500 Module.

Replacement Xenon strobe module for the Strobe 300™.

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